Satelite Connectivity

A family of products, solutions and services for advanced physical security, addressing enterprise customers across all vertical markets and building types.

Providing a unified, holistic security offering that allows the flexible composition of applications, tools and services to address the needs of critical infrastructure and enterprise customers.

Our focus is mid- to high-end market where security and business continuity are mission critical, from corporate campuses to industry sites and critical infrastructure.

We provides solutions that address incident and command & control management systems, access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, alarm, analytics, information and operation management, and more.


Today's technology empowers corporate security specialists to effectively monitor all known threat avenues and gain visibility into any activity that does not fit the norm of staff members, legitimate visitors, or IT system users.


Access Control Systems' purpose is twofold: to allow quick, convenient access to those persons who are authorized while at the same time establishing a barrier to access to persons who are not unauthorized.

Smart integration. Better security.

Buildings and infrastructures are transforming. From passives assets without connections to an active member of the team – connected, agile and flexible.

Security Systems Categories

We have a wide range of solutions that fits so many types of business and security requirements. Below are the broad categories;


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