In the recent decade, we have witnessed the increasing demand for security cameras. You reaching out to us shows that you have considered the benefits of integrating a low voltage Camera System to your security plan. Our part as a low-voltage contractor is to ensure that you keep an eye on your facilities with ease.

We have empowered big construction companies, and project owners deliver maximum protection for their properties, employees, clients, family, or your physical assets on-site. Your case is not different: We will help you find the rightfully functioning, flexible and easy to operate security cameras to assist you in detecting criminal activities.

Ostatech ltd works closely with reputable and highly rated security camera manufacturers and sellers to offer state-of-the-art solutions for your new construction, large scale buildings, and private houses. We believe that the best surveillance camera is the one that is specifically designed to meet your security needs.

Nowadays, contemporary CCTV and surveillance cameras are part and parcel to the security plan of big construction buildings such as Hotels, Schools, Clinics, Apartment Complexes, Data centers, and Corporation offices. For such, we let you monitor your parking lot, compound, construction site, entry, and exit ways.

We recognize that all buildings are unique. For this reason, the one-size-fits-all approach does not apply. Therefore, we intend to work with you towards finding the right security camera. Using security and low voltage solutions, we will custom design a totally integrated system for your company.

Whether you want single or multiple cameras, indoor or outdoor cameras or accessories for your closed-circuit television (CCTV) and access control systems, we can assist you. We do install security cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance. We have a variety of video surveillance equipment and digital recorders such as the NVR and DVR.

Our highly-trained technicians have vast experience with all video surveillance equipment. We will assist you to get the right Surveillance Camera for your video recording and security goals. Since we do not compromise on quality, we use the latest technology in CCTV/IP Video Systems available today in the market. Our experience in designing and installing camera systems give us the ability to serve you better.

Besides NVR and DVR storage of video footage, we have reliable solutions that offer real-time surveillance. This means you can monitor your premise from anywhere using any of your smart devices. The use of cloud-based storage provides multiple access to the infrastructure hence improving surveillance.

With the right cameras system and network setup, you will be able to stream and video record the images live from the internet. Besides protection, you will be in a better position to achieve an overall efficiency of your business.

Are you planning to install security cameras for your new construction or upgraded building? Feel free to contact Ostatech today. We have a team of staff ready to guide you through and help you meet your security needs. We’re confident that your security solution lies with us.

Types of CCTV

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Solar Powered Cameras

Built from high-quality components designed to weather the elements and last for years to come, these cameras use the latest in wireless and solar technology. With backup battery systems, you can be assured these devices will be ready to keep watch over any location all year round.

IP Network CCTV solutions

These solutions operate on normal and existing network cables, rather than needing specialist cables wired in from scratch. Clarus Systems is also able to specify and install cabling where none exists, including specialist Fibre cabling to cater for large facilities needing extended high-speed connectivity.

Cabled CCTV Solutions

Ostatech ltd installs specialist cabling if needed, and we are qualified to install Fibre cables for larger facilities, for example, military bases, hospitals, universities, power plants etc. We also have a range of other CCTV options available.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras provide much longer range and accuracy than standard infra-red night-time cameras, and are especially suited to facilities that need higher grade security.
These cameras offer unique benefits for outdoor use in particular, where challenging conditions are present, giving superior results in:

1.Low light scenarios
2.Areas where there might be smoke, fog and dust
3.Areas where there is camouflaging foliage
4.Giving fewer false alarms