Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio frequency waves to transfer data. Tagging items with RFID tags allows users to automatically and uniquely identify and track inventory and assets. RFID takes auto-ID technology to the next level by allowing tags to be read without line of sight and, depending on the type of RFID, having a read range between a few centimeters to over 20+ meters.

This technology is way more secure than coding because the companies use electromagnetic fields attached to the products which would be identified automatically. This process is the most secure method for AIDC or Automatic Identification and Data Capture.

RFID can be attached to everything including clothing and different possessions or even with cash. It can also be attached with living beings like pet animals and even people. However, modern day retail market has been blessed with the invention and upgrade of this technology.


RFID can be used at

Apparel and Retail
Asset Tracking
Manufacturing & Supply Chain
People Indentification
Traffic Management & Ticketing

Improved Quality Data Capture

Using an RFID approach means data can be captured rapidly and accurately. Electronic data collection with RFID avoids data transcription errors and avoids “missed items” when used to collect data on large numbers of items at once.

Reduced Capital Cost

RFID technologies help to lower costs by providing better control of stocks or assets. They can help keep track of business assets such as test equipment, transport packing, computing technology and other portable devices

RFID Applications

RFID technology is capable of both enhancing and protecting the lives of consumers, and also revolutionize the way of doing business. RFID is a flexible auto-identification technology, that can be used to track and monitor items or people in the physical world automatically and with a high level of accuracy.

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Access Control and Personnel Tracking

Systems like this track personnel moving from one location to another and can deny access if they are not authorized to enter. Such systems can also identify and track who is in the building at all times, thus providing an accurate account of who did or did not get out of a building in an emergency.

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Transportation Security

RFID systems designed for use with large vehicles are a great asset to inventory and the transportation industry. Security personnel can equip rail cars with RFID tags to allow tracking by station and yards along the route. Cars can be rerouted at any time and shipments moved to another destination without any manual input.

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Able to Read and Write data without direct contact

The RF tag can contain up to several kilobytes of rich information. All of the data required for each process (process history, inspection history etc) can be freely stored, without the need for direct contact. This makes it possible to develop paperless sites, where the causes of production stop are reduced.