Our Fleet Solutions offers flexible levels of support, ranging from basic to fully outsourced fleet management, to help you run a safer, more productive fleet. We continue to invest in game-changing tools and technologies that make you, your drivers and your fleet assets more productive.As well know the number of vehicles on duty or not,locally and globally.

If you are running your own transport business you might face problems like high demands, high fuel costs and lack of visibility about the current location of the fleets. Optimum vehicle utilization is a secret of business growth and essential for providing the best customer service.

Ostatech ltd Vehicle Tracker provides fleet owners with affordable, real-time fleet and asset GPS tracking solutions.It is very easy to get started with the pre-configured devices. GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems make use of GPS satellite positioning technology to record a vehicle’s movements in real-time. The Vehicle tracking system uses the GPS satellite system through a multi-channel GPS receiver to track a vehicle’s movements, and transmits that information in a compressed format over the GSM and GPRS network.Vehicle tracking information is then made available to the user over the Internet from our web server.

Ostatech ltd generates business intelligence that gives companies the power to detect and eliminate waste and inefficiencies in their daily operations. Our web-based solution provides businesses with GPS tracking tools to help improve worker performance, dispatch vehicles more effectively and reduce operating costs. Whether you're managing a small or mid-sized fleet, Ostatech ltd Vehicle tracking provides the rich data needed to effortlessly, and in real-time, track fleet, commercial vehicles, trailers, equipment, and other assets.

Our systems are compatible with all vehicles including but not limited to:
• Trucks and Buses
• Vans and Matatus
• cars
• Tuk tuk
• Motorcycles ‘Bodaboda’

Lack of control and adequate information over fleets bears tremendous financial burden due to the following reasons:

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Fuel efficiency

Fleet managers can keep a track of idle time and over speeding of the vehicle. This tracking report enables the fleet managers to do comparison of idle time and the amount of fuel consumed between equivalently operated vehicles. Installing vehicle trackers makes drivers more active and answerable to practice safer driving habits.Once the employees are aware that their driving, speed and gas mileage are being tracked and monitored, greater care of the company vehicle usage will be taken.


Biggest threat for a fleet owner is a Vehicle theft. Over 500,000 vehicles get stolen every year in Kenya. It takes significant amount of time to recover lost vehicles and Sometimes vehicles recovered in damaged condition. Equipments or tools on board may be stolen too.


Lack of knowledge about the real location of a vehicle, dispatchers may not be able to send the closest vehicle to a job site or even give direct routing information. This can lead to considerable cost leakage. Calling up drivers to gain location and job status increases the amount of wasted time and cost.

Over Speeding

Driving vehicles in speed above the apt limits tends to increase consumption of fuel for every Kilometer travelled which has an adverse impact on the fuel efficiency. Moreover, driving at excessive speed may increase the risk of accidents on account of which the vehicle safety is endangered.

  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Customized Alerts (sms/Email)
  • Reports on history
  • Engine cut off
  • Mileage Reports
  • Idle Time Reports
  • Internal Power Backup
  • Speed Reports

Our Fuel Monitoring & Vehicle tracking solution is one of the best Telematics solutions in Kenya.Fuel monitoring is time tested for less than 1% error in fuel level detection in vehicles. It has been deployed in various Trucks, Cranes, Diesel Generators & Storage tanks.

1. 99.2 % Accuracy in Fillings , Consumption & Thefts
2. Absolute End to End Fuel Monitoring Solution
3. Location of Fillings at Fuel Filling stations with time stamp
4. Live Tracking with Fuel Volume
5. Fuel Consumption with vehicle movement
6. Fuel consumption without vehicle movement
7. Engine Running Hours
8. No of Kilometres Travelled Distance
9. Auto Fuel Consumption Rates
10. Auto Mileage calculations
11. Complete fuel reporting along with the history
12. 99.9% server uptime
13. Android & IOS Support

We deploy highly sensitive GPS hardware. The GPS based distance calculations are proven for higher accuracy, thus making it a dependable metric in comparison to factory fitted vehicle Odometer.

The GPS hardware we use is IP 67 compliant; meaning it is dust proof, water spill proof and can withstand harsh operating environments.Tracking unit is powered by backup battery to help in stolen vehicle recovery.It can store nearly 15 days of data when GPRS connectivity is not available. So, you will never loose even a single minute data.

Driven by a need to be the leading client solutions provider, and employing word-class technology, Ostatech ltd General plus speed governors are long lasting and monitor speed through its GPS configuration putting you and your business in the fast lane with its high tech features:

1. Send alerts to the NTSA online and to the client,
2. Tamperproof, high quality with max speed set at 80kph
3. Ability to print out the last 72 hours over speeding events.
4. GPS configured and can show vehicle route
5. One year manufacturer warranty with training
6. Mobile app to monitor your vehicle
7. Violation notification via website and sms.
8. Onboard and off-board data storage
9. Easy to install and operate
10.Minimal power consumption.

At Osta tech ltd, our team of highly skilled personnel is always a call away to provide the best hospitality and service that will last for miles.

Safety Is our Concern