OSTATECH LTD is the leading ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS provider in East Africa, we do total solutions for security applications, access control solutions, smart card solutions, time and attendance solutions, secure identification. Our Access control enables you to control who has access to your Premises. Locks and keys also allow you to secure your building, but when keys are lost or stolen, the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable. Keys may also be copied, creating even more security risks. Our development teams are focused on designing systems that are fit for their purpose, containing the important features that are necessary for well-run organizations.

Biometric identifiers are the distinctive, measurable characteristics used to label and describe individuals.Biometric identifiers are often categorized as physiological versus behavioral characteristics.Physiological characteristics are related to the shape of the body. Examples include, but are not limited to fingerprint, palm veins, face recognition, DNA, palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina and odour/scent. Behavioral characteristics are related to the pattern of behavior of a person, including but not limited to typing rhythm, gait, and voice. Some researchers have coined the term behaviometrics to describe the latter class of biometrics

Benefits of Access Control

The most prominent benefit of hosted access control is the permission granted to authorize people only. No business allows their employees to have access to every area. Access systems help secure those restricted areas by giving allowing only authorized credentials to enter. The organization has more control over who enters or exits the area

The credentials stored in an access control database is tough to copy. Nobody can forge the information, as it does not have a physical existence. Additionally, the system can refuse or block access to login details that seem suspicious

Organizations can use access control solution for more than just opening or locking doors. They can use the system to keep track of whoever enters the area. As only the people with keycards or login credentials can gain access. Security personnel have an easy means to tracks the identity

Organizations have sensitive data that they cannot let anyone access except the concerned authorities. Access control systems integrated with IT network encrypt the servers and give permission to only trusted people

Access control systems keep trusted person inside an area and other out. The feature creates a suitable work environment for employees. Security personnel have the liberty to keep track of anyone without credentials. Additionally, in case of theft or vandalism, the doors remain locked, and the people inside remain safe from danger

Access control systems comply with security and safety regulations put forward by concerned authorities. Access systems can store all personal and financial data to provide extra safety to an organization’s sensitive information

What Industries Can Benefit?

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Public & Private Sector

Organizations are full of different sections and different people moving around all the time who have different clearances. What’s more, there’s so much private information in various organizations buildings. So, to keep things as secure as possible, they could benefit from biometric access control. It can close off sections of buildings and stop random access.

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The healthcare industry is also packed full of private and confidential information. Again, biometric scanning can be very handy here. It’s often used in hospitals to restrict access to data servers or filing rooms. But, it can also be used to gain access to more confined areas of hospitals – like wings with contagious patients

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Law Enforcement

Police stations, detention centers, and any other institutions like this can greatly benefit from biometric access control. A crucial aspect of law enforcement is ensuring the public’s safety. Access control does this by making sure only select people are allowed in and out of police stations, prisons, detention centers, etc.