About Us

Ostatech Limited

With advancements in Telematics and Communication technologies, Fleet Tracking Management and Monitoring have become an imperative of businesses worldwide. Technology solution providers have brought to the table systems and software that are not only effective but also cost-efficient, secure and scalable.

Ostatech ltd offers a host of tracking and monitoring capabilities that give safety and security for individuals, families and businesses, and more importantly, peace of mind. They have been designed for a variety of fleet sizes with different levels of functionality and protection, utilizing GPS satellite positioning and GSM cellular communication. In addition to the comprehensive range of Fleet Management systems, Ostatech ltd also offers industry specific solutions with specialized functions. For example, industries looking for high value asset transport applications and programmable logic controllers for monitoring health and safety of equipment and personnel.

We aim to deliver highly integrated solutions and services that provide the best returns to our customers. Guided by our relentless focus for success for our business, clients and stakeholders, we strive to deliver excellence far exceeding our commitments.

Our Team

The Ostatech family is made up of a team of dedicated, talented and skilled individuals who are always at hand to provide you with the best hospitality and service you could ask for. Ostatech holds strong to the belief that we are a solution and service provider and not just a technology supplier

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other fleet management providers, we provide a Bottom Line Solution, which empowers you to make quick, smart and efficient decisions. We want you to receive financial results instead of complicated data. To enhance our collaboration with you, we provide excellent service support, made available to you anywhere, anytime.

Our Experience

We have the proven track record of successfully executing an array of projects of varying size and complexity

Happy Customers

Our clients, are our most treasured assets and we nurture every client relationship with commitment and passion

Customer Support

Our Customer Support is always available. Contact us by email, live chat, telephone . 24/7, 365 days a year.